Richard, my songwriting partner, wrote these somewhat angry lyrics recently and I found a perfect setting for them in the form of a backing track on one of Drums On Demand’s ‘My Co-Writer’ backing track sets. I added a MIDI organ track from Band In A Box using a 70s rock style, TURNING.STY.  I also added lead guitar fills and vocals.

Technical notes:

The organ sounds came from IK Multimedia’s SampleTank 3.  The guitar fills were done using my Epiphone Flying V through my BOSS DR-880 drum machine/guitar processor.  Lead and harmony vocals were done using my usual RØDE NT2 mic, with some adjustments using Cakewalk’s Pro Channel EQ, the T-RackS 5 Opto-Compressor and Classic Hall Reverb.  I also used the Waves Vocal Rider plugin to level out the lead vocal a bit. I then used Celemony’s Melodyne to make pitch and timing adjustments as necessary.  The project was engineered in Cakewalk by BandLab. Mastering was done there using IK Multimedia's excellent Lurssen Mastering Console.

Note: we couldn’t decide between two alternative titles, “I’m On A Roll” or “Don’t Mess With Me”.  Which do you prefer?